Welcome to STUDIOpunarapi where I share my art, craft, photography and some arbitrary writings.

Shruti Hemani – Biography

I am qualified as an architect and trained as an urban designer. The main focus of my work has been planning, design and research in the area of sustainable cities as well as running community consultation and design training programmes. As a PhD candidate at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, I have been researching on the “Influence of Urban Forms on Social Sustainability” using both, qualitative and quantitative strategies which were calibrated and validated for Guwahati, Assam.

A painter, potter and crafter at heart, I enjoy sketching and painting with watercolours and like working in my little garden. I have been working on handcrafted upcycled products under the name “punarapi”. The larger aim is to combine local craft with upcycling and develop this skill among women residing in the slum pockets for alternative livelihood.

I paint in watercolour and mix-media. I enjoy watercolour due to its versatility, transparency, simplicity and uncontrollability as opposed to mix-media where I feel in total control of the artwork.  My mix media work is highly inspired by Indian traditional folk-art forms.

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